The smiONE card as a prepaid Visa card facilitates the processing of maintenance payments, giving each holder immediate access to maintenance payments credited to the smiONE account. The prepaid card, an alternative to receiving checks by e-mail, is very advantageous for use in stores and supermarkets.


A person, upon receiving the smiONE card accessible at www.smionecard.com, must activate it before it is officially activated for transactions. Each cardholder must call the number indicated on the back of the smiONECard and follow the instructions on the official website. The smiONE Login was designed to give families fast and secure payment access without the need for traditional accounts.

Official smiONE is a Visa prepaid card that can be used anywhere Visa prepaid cards are accepted. A smiONE card offers a variety of offers and benefits in addition to the activation process.

Our official smiONE fully supports all current cardholders and welcomes new ones for full support and benefits. smiONE cardholders enjoy the official services and facilities that the company offers to all its valued customers.

If the cardholder has not yet paid child support directly to the bank account, payments received from Missouri or the Family Support Center will be sent to a smiONE card.

All currently paid support payments can be retrieved directly from the individual bank account via the smiONE card connection. Today’s market is completely flooded with many prepaid cards, which makes it difficult for people to choose the right card for their daily use.

All activated accounts used by the brand to provide exclusive services will be charged a monthly smiONE account maintenance fee of $3. However, domestic fees for offline ATMs are $1.50 per withdrawal and $0.75 per request, while international fees are $2.00 and $1.00 respectively, which the company informs all activated cardholders.